The itinerant theatre

Thanks to 3 articulated lorries, the itinerant theatre is able to reconstitute a real Italian theatre of 380 seats with stalls, balcony and stage level boxes.

It's a true concerts and shows auditorium that owns a 10 by 10 meter stage.

Unique in France and in Europe, this tool was particularly studied for the well-being of the audience as well as to give the artists all the technical means they require.

The itinerant theatre is short-lived as a circus tente is, but also eternal thanks to his original style (wood, true old cinema seats, an old-shool box office..) .

Therefore, for all your special events (festivals, fairs, galas..), buy yourself a unique, exceptional and professional place!

To get information of the itinerant theatre renting, please call :

Arnaud Lebas : 0336. or Rudy Roy : 0336.


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